Sunday, 6 January 2013

DayZ Hack Free Public Release

DayZ Free Hack is a free hack released on CracksDB with features like showing zombies locations , survivor and zombie shield and spawn features.

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     - Launch the hack
     - Launch the game
     - Press HOME for activation
     - Navigate through menu options and enable what you prefer
     - Press DEL for deactivation
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About DayZ Game:

DayZ attempts to portray a realistic scenario, with the environment having many different effects on the player. 
A player may receive bone fractures from repeated damage to the legs, go into shock from unexpected ambushes, receive infections from both the zombies or diseased players, or even spontaneously faint due to a low blood pressure.

Thirst and hunger must be regularly dealt with by finding sustenance in either cities or in the wilderness, with body temperature playing another key part in the character's survival.

Hack's Features:

2D Map:
- Add markers
- Showing Player Locations
- Showing Zombie Locations

- Max Blood
- Remove Pain
- Remove Infection
- Hunger Low
- Thirst Low
- Temperature Stable
- No Leg Fractures
- No Arm Fractures
- No Unconsciousness

Give Player Skin:
- Spawns a player skin (example: ghillie suit or camo suit)

Give Ammo:
- Adds 5 magazines of ammo to your inventory for your currently equipped weapon

Give Weapon:
- Spawn a weapon & adds 1 magazine to inventory

Give Health Item:
- Spawn Morphine
- Spawn Bandage
- Spawn Painkiller
- Spawn Bloodbag
- Spawn Heatpack

Give Inventory:
- Spawn Map
- Spawn GPS
- Spawn Watch
- Spawn Radio
- Spawn Compass
- Spawn Hunting Knife
- Spawn Hatchet
- Spawn Toolbox
- Spawn Binocular
- Spawn Rangefinder
- Spawn Laser marker
- Spawn Nightvision goggles
- Spawn Matchbox
- Spawn Military Flashlight
- Spawn Entrenching Tool
- Spawn Tank Trap
- Spawn Sandbag
- Spawn Barbed Wire


- BattleEye Bypass
- Script Bypass
- Admin Log Bypass
- Secure Hack Streaming System

DayZ Hack
DayZ Hack